The EAF is an association of national Aikido federations in Europe, which are also members of the International Aikido Federation (IAF), to represent their interests at the European level, in particular vis-a-vis the institutions of the European Union.

The EAF shall establish permanent representation in Brussels with the aim of maintaining relations with the EU institutions.

The EAF shall work closely with the International Aikido Federation and the Aikido World Headquarters to coordinate EAF policy and actions. It aims to achieve this goal by, among others, working closely together with the IAF, which represents the discipline of Aikido in the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

The EAF works to create an umbrella license system for Aikido instructors, valid across the EU and thereby gradually moving beyond borders of national licensing systems within the EU. The aim is to make a national license valid throughout Europe.

EAF shall observe and respect the Aikido World Headquarters’ International Regulations, in which Doshu’s exclusive authority and power to legitimate Aikido Dan Grades and issue Aikido Dan Certificates is referred to.

The EAF shall facilitate the formation of consortiums of members, and support them in accessing all of the various instruments of the European Union, such as the Erasmus+ program, the European Week of Sport and other programs that may be of interest to the members. The EAF shall provide support for its members in the planning, coordination, implementation and follow-up for projects at the European level, as well as acting as coordinator, leader or partner in a consortium or proposal.

The EAF shall facilitate, with permission from and / or in collaboration with the relevant national member federations, the participation of the Hombu Recognized Organizations which are not members of the IAF in applying for EU grants or other projects at European level. This always requires the explicit consent of the IAF member organisation in the respective Member State.

EAF Statues (NL)

EAF Satues (EN)